Easy Commercial Insurance

Breeze Underwriting Ltd T/A Easy Broking Online delivers commercial insurance to independent insurance intermediaries throughout the UK.

We specialise in Leisure, Retail, Takeaways, Offices, Property Owners and Commercial Combined insurance delivered via the UnderwriteIT web-based trading platform, so you can work in the office, on the road or in the insured’s premises.

About Breeze Underwriting Ltd T/A Easy Broking Online


The principal objective of the Company is to support both Independent and National intermediaries throughout the UK by providing them with commercial insurance through a web-based trading platform – whether the intermediary is in the office, on the road or on the insured’s premises.


The Company is part of the PSC Group, Australia and is one of a few underwriting agencies that conducts and operates its business wholly through an electronic trading platform that is fully supported by experienced underwriters. The corporate and underwriting management of the Company are highly experienced and well-known in the London and provincial insurance markets.

Trading platform:

The single trading platform allows access to all Insurers products, uses modern technology and incorporates all of the underwriting reference points for SME business. This enables the user – in real time – to manage the quotation, underwriting, policy administration and documentation, mid-term adjustments, accounting and claims of their client.

At the same time, it allows the Company to maintain electronically all of the intermediary’s insurance transactions - thus creating an automated audit trail.

The trading platform transacts business in “real time” and in maintaining Compliance it provides Contract Certainty to the intermediary and the insured.


Currently supporting the trading platform are Andrew Chisnall, Jeremy Lewis and David Miles who have between them achieved more than seventy years underwriting experience in the SME class of insurance. They represent the human element support to the underwriting and claims ability of the trading platform. In this capacity they combine the disciplines of the trading platform with the experience of underwriters who are readily available to assist with technical issues and also maintain the Company’s high levels of service.

Underwriting capacity:

The Company distributes its insurance products electronically by means of its trading platforms on behalf of its chosen Insurers in the Lloyd’s and Company market.

Service levels:

The Company’s stated objective is to respond to all referrals on the trading platform and other technical underwriting matters within 24 hours. In practice and to date, the response to intermediary enquiries has been immediate or within three to four hours. For extremely urgent or important referrals intermediaries are welcome to telephone the office to speak with an underwriter where it is expected that the matter would be dealt with within a few minutes.


The trading platform has been designed to allow the client intermediary to offer the insured the available products wherever there is web access on a laptop or desktop either at the premises of the insured or at the offices of the intermediary. The products currently available on www.easybroking.net include:


  • Retail Shops
  • Hotels;
  • Public Houses;
  • Guest Houses;
  • Restaurants & Cafes;
  • Super Markets;
  • Takeaways;
  • Wine Bars
  • Offices.

Property Owners:

  • Buildings of Occupied Commercial Properties - most trades are considered:
  • Buildings of Unoccupied Commercial Properties - most types of unoccupied buildings are considered;
  • Blocks of Flats;
  • Private Houses. (Including let properties).


As a vital part of operations - and in order to provide the most efficient administration and settlement of claims – The Company and its capacity providers have appointed third party administrators to handle both Property and Liability claims. The appointed claims administrators have immediate access to the trading platform for policy details and in this way can operate independently to investigate and settle claims within the authority granted to them by the capacity provider. With a 52/24/7 claims notification line either the insured or the intermediary can notify a claim at any time.

Package Product:

This Package insurance policy has been designed specifically for:
  • Wine Bars;
  • Hotels;
  • Public Houses;
  • Guest Houses;
  • Restaurants & Cafes;
  • Retail Shops;
  • Takeaways;
  • Super Markets;
  • Offices;

This policy provides a comprehensive package to cover the requirements of these chosen sector trades.

Our Key Facts document provides for each Insurer a more detailed description of policy coverage. However, the main features of this standard policy include:
  • Buildings cover - with an option to include Accidental Damage, Subsidence and Terrorism;
  • Contents cover - with an option to include Accidental Damage, Subsidence and Terrorism;
  • 25% seasonal increase for Stock items at key periods throughout the year;
  • Automatic Business Interruption following an insured peril up to £250,000 with a 12 month indemnity period - with options to increase the indemnity period up to 60 months;
  • Denial of Access;
  • Public Utilities and Suppliers extensions;
  • Money and Personal Accident Assault;
  • Goods in Transit up to £5,000;
  • Employers Liability £10,000,000;
  • Public & Products Liability £2,000,000 - with an option of £5,000,000;
  • Book Debts of £50,000 automatically included;
  • Deterioration of Frozen Foods - £2,000.

Property Owners Product:

The Property Owners insurance policy has been designed specifically for the Property Owner - whether the property is occupied or vacant. Breeze Underwriting Ltd T/A Easy Broking Online is able to consider a range of properties including:
  • Sole occupancy commercial properties;
  • Multi tenure commercial properties;
  • Unoccupied commercial properties;
  • Occupied and Unoccupied residential properties;
  • Blocks of flats;
  • DSS & Student lets.

This policy provides a comprehensive range of coverages for this chosen sector.

Our Key Facts document explains more detailed policy coverage. However, the main features included in our policy are:
  • Buildings cover - with an option to include Accidental Damage, Subsidence and Terrorism;
  • Loss of Rent following an insured peril;
  • Property Owners Liability £2,000,000 - with an option to increase to £5,000,000;
  • Cover under certain circumstances may be extended to include:
    • Glass (Occupied Properties);
    • Impact while Unoccupied;
    • Landlords Contents;
    • Theft of Buildings following violent and forcible entry and/or exit.

Contact Details

If you are not yet an authorised user you may contact Breeze Underwriting Ltd T/A Easy Broking Online by writing to:

Writing to:
The Managing Director,
42-43 Broomfield House
Lanswood Park Business Centre,
Broomfied Road,
Elmstead Market,
CO7 7FD.

020 7283 5324

The Agency Application form and the Terms of Business Agreement are available to download from our website.

Please note that if your company is already an authorised user you may also contact us through the trading platform by using your password.